TERMS AND CONDITIONS of the use of the human resources platform

  1. The user, or duly authorised agent, must be a paid up subscriber of the human resources platform
  2. Only legitimate users may have access to the site.
  3. Documentation provided on the site may only be used by companies registered with the human resources platform.
  4. The information and documentation provided for on the site remains the strict property of the human resources platform and is protected by Copyright. Any unlawful copying or distribution of the documentation will render the user liable for restoration and damages.
  5. Access to the site is provided only on successful registration of the user on the system. Successful registration requires a user to complete and submit a registration form, and a debit order form, and to pay a set-up fee.
  6. the human resources platform provides a facility to users to store and record information relative to their employees in a "cyberspace" capacity. This does not replace an employers' legislative requirement to record and retain documents on site for inspection by government officials.
  7. Whilst every endeavour is made to ensure a consistent standard of quality with regards the information provided on the site by employers, the human resources platform or any of its employees or agents, cannot be held responsible for any information supplied by a user that may or may not enter the public domain.
  8. The success of the site and the information provided therein is entirely dependent on the accuracy of the user in entering such information.
  9. the human resources platform cannot be held liable for any errors incurred by the user whilst using the site.
  10. Whilst every attempt is made by the service providers to keep secure and maintain the integrity of the data on the site, each user is also responsible to conduct regular backups, a facility that is provided on the site.
  11. The user indemnifies the human resources platform and its owners/ employees or agents, against any claim what so ever relating to the information provided on the site, the use thereof, and the accuracy or retention thereof.
  12. The user undertakes to familiarise himself with the processes and workings of the human resources platform prior to the use thereof and to submit any query to admin@labourservices.co.za
  13. The user agrees to the costing structure, and confirm their understanding thereof, as provided for the use of the site and confirm that he or she has the necessary authority to transact on behalf of the employer which they duly represent.
The cost:
There are different rates applicable to the size of the employer and the number of staff that they employ. Each employer will pay a licence fee. The licence fee will grant, one "manager" password, which will grant access to the site and one "administrator" password which will grant access to the site and have the authority to edit and delete. The cost of the licence fee varies, as follows;
  1. Less than 20 employees - R90 per month
  2. 21 to 50 employees - R150 per month
  3. 51 to 100 employees - R250 per month
Additional employees above 100 registered on the system, will cost an additional R2 each per month per employee above 100, in groups of 20..

Additional licences, within an employer user, can also be provided at a cost of R50 per licence.

There is a once-off setup fee of R350 to set up your SMS bundle. This excludes your first months subscription which must be paid in advance as well.

*** All the above costs exclude VAT/ Sales tax

Payment is in advance paid by debit order and must run for a minimum of 12 months thereafter 1 months' notice will apply.