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Services provided by the platform

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  1. Electronic capturing of staff personal data,
  2. Electronic capturing of contracts, warnings, leave, sick certificates, absenteeism etc.,
  3. Reporting of employee discipline history in the business, (warnings issued and validity) enabling a track record to be kept,
  4. Reporting of sick leave, family responsibility leave and vacation leave taken as well as absent days and poor timekeeping incidents.
  5. The sending of reminders by SMS or email, regarding termination dates for Fixed Term or Temporary Contracts, CCMA hearings, Sales meetings etc...
  6. SMS function to employees advising of change of shift, requirement to meet management, collect notice of hearing, or even desertion/ absconding notices, confirmation of warnings issued and return to work date after leave. The sms messages are stored and can be printed for use in disciplinary hearings or at the CCMA as proof of communication.
  7. When an employee leaves the employ, for whatever reason, their details are uploaded on to a central data base. This data base is available only to members who subscribe for reference check purposes. The information available on the data base will simply provide where the employee worked, the position they were employed in, the contact details for that employer. In this way, employers will easily be able to verify the details on the employees CV, and gain an immediate indication as to their suitability for employment. They will also be able to email/ telephone the previous employer for a reference.
  8. Employers will also be able to download numerous pre-prepared documents including:
    - Grievance Procedures/ Disciplinary procedures
    - Warning forms
    - Notice to attend a hearing/ performance reviews
    - Resignation letters
    - Certificate of service
    - Leave forms
    - Desertion notices
    - Alcohol misuse sheet
    - Final settlement forms etc...
  9. Employers will also have access to Legislated documents related to their industry, including;
    a. Bargaining Council Main agreements
    b. Wage updates resulting from agreements reach at the council
    c. Sectoral determinations applicable to the industry
    d. Wage updates issued by the Department of Labour related to Sectoral Determinations
    e. Basic Conditions of Employment Act
    f. Labour Relations Act
    g. Occupational Health and Safety Act
    h. Employment Equity Act
  10. Pertinent CCMA cases will also be available to members for reference and educational purposes,
  11. Employers will also be able to sms or email their advisors off the site attaching relevant documentation or simply requesting a date for a hearing or advising of a CCMA date etc...
  12. The site will also allow for a facility wherein individuals are able to “build” their CV and obtain “verification” from previous employers, that the information provided on the CV is correct. The individual will construct the CV on line and gain access to that CV through using their ID number and a unique password. In this proces the individual will provide previous employment details (position, rate of pay at termination, length of service, and reason for leaving as per the employees UI19 form) This information will be sent to that employer who will be able to verify that the content is accurate. A potential employer will be able to gain access to the individuals CV on the site and in so doing be able to ascertain whether or not CV info has been verified as true.